Croatian Veterinary Institute

Croatian Veterinary Institute

Croatian Veterinary Institute

Z-III.3. Laboratory for Serological Diagnostics of Viral Diseases

Croatian Veterinary Institute

Z-II.2. Laboratory for General Bacteriology and Mycology

Croatian Veterinary Institute

Z-IV.3. Laboratory for Fish Pathology

Croatian Veterinary Institute

Z-III.2. Laboratory for Rabies and General Virology

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General Info

The Croatian Veterinary Institute was established by a decision of the Ministry of Agriculture dated 30 January 1933.
As a research organisation, the Croatian Veterinary Institute became, upon taking effect of the Croatian Act on Institutions (Official Journal NN 76/1993, 29/1997, 47/1999 and 35/2008), a public institution in which the Republic of Croatia obtained the founder’s rights, which are effectuated through the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.

On the date of taking effect of the Act on Scientific Research Activities, the Institute continued its activities as a public Institute owned by the Republic of Croatia.
The Croatian Veterinary Institute consists of the Croatian Veterinary Institute headquarters in Savska cesta 143, Zagreb and five branches:

- Veterinary Institute Križevci,
- Veterinary Institute Rijeka,
- Veterinary Institute Split,
- Veterinary Institute Vinkovci,
- Poultry Centre Zagreb.

The headquarters of the Croatian Veterinary Institute consist of 5 departments, including 4 professional departments and one general department.
The professional departments consist of laboratories.
The branches are organized in the same way as the departments of the headquarters and they consist of laboratories.



Croatian Veterinary Institute

Savska cesta 143, P.O. Box 883
10000 Zagreb
Main switchboard: ++385 1 612 36 66
General Manager’s Office: ++385 1 612 36 00
Fax: ++385 1 619 08 41
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
OIB: 29059177553 (Croatian Veterinary Institute and its branches are a single legal entity and have a single OIB)
VAT number: 3274098
Bank account: 2360000-1101366540


Branches of the Croatian Veterinary Institute

Veterinary Institute Križevci

Zakmardijeva 10
48260 Križevci
Phone: ++385 48 681 416

Veterinary Institute Rijeka

Podmurvice 29
51000 Rijeka
Phone: ++385 51 672 223

Veterinary Institute Split

Poljička cesta 33
21000 Split
Phone: ++385 21 370 752

Veterinary Institute Vinkovci

I. i J. Kozarca 24
32100 Vinkovci
Phone: ++385 32 331 288

Poultry Centre Zagreb

Heinzelova 55
10000 Zagreb
Phone: ++385 1 24 41 392