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Z-II.4. Laboratory for Parasitology

The activities of the Laboratory for Parasitology primarily include determination of endoparasites and ectoparasites of domestic animals and wild game, based on morphometric characteristics of the parasites and by application of standard parasitology methods. The diagnostic samples include faeces samples of various live and dead animals and organs of dead and killed animals. The faeces samples are used for determination of cysts, eggs and larvae of parasites and dead animal organs are used for determination of mature and non-mature forms of endoparasites and ectoparasites. Diagnostic immunoassays are used for determination of antibodies of protozoa Neospora caninum and antigen of protozoa (Cryptospordium parvum and Giardia intestinalis).

The Laboratory is also engaged in the study of occurrence of parasites causing zoonoses. Within the scope of research of Blue Tongue Diseases, samples of Culicoides sp. are studied for determination of the disease vector. Further activities of the Laboratory include the study of efficacy of antiparasitic products for the product registration purposes, participation in the education of veterinary staff with secondary school qualifications and university degree.

Permanent training and education in Croatia and abroad, cooperation with other university institutions, applications and work on projects related to parasitosis issues as well as taking part in projects of other departments of the Institute and other institutions, publications of papers in Croatian and international journals related to the Laboratory activities, as well as participation in Croatian and international research and professional conferences.