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The Croatian Veterinary Institute, with a long and rich tradition since 1933, is a scientific, expert, diagnostic and analytical institution. Through its comprehensive activities, the Institute gives an immeasurable contribution to the performance of veterinary activities in the Republic of Croatia.

The Veterinary Act (Official Journal NN no. 70/97, 105/01 and 172/03) entrusted the Institute with the tasks of monitoring and studying the epizootiological status of infectious and other animal diseases, and perfecting methods for their control. The Institute branches in KriĹževci, Rijeka, Split, and Vinkovci and the Centre for Poultry Farming in Zagreb are also included in the tasks of detecting, monitoring and studying the incidence and prevalence of infectious and other diseases, and in proposing the best methods for their prevention and control.

The two basic determinants of the Institute's activities are general veterinary health and laboratory and field diagnostics of animal diseases. The production of healthy and nutritious food is a strategic interest of the Republic of Croatia, and has been recognised as a priority in national scientific research programmes. The appearance of pesticide and veterinary product residues and natural contaminants (metals) in foods of animal origin has become a reality, and considering the fact that this threatens both the environment and animal and human health, it is imperative to monitor the levels of contamination in animal feeds, animal excrement and foods of animal origin, which is carried out through general veterinary health services.

Through laboratory and field diagnostics, constant supervision is carried out concerning infectious and parasitic diseases on the OIE international list and stipulated under the Order on measures to protect animals from infectious and parasitic diseases and their financing.

The Institute focuses special attention on aligning laboratory methods with standard methods prescribed by international authorities (OIE, WHO, FAO, AOAC). It is also included in inter-laboratory proficiency tests for all significant animal diseases and the analysis of food, feed and control of veterinary medicinal products.
The intentions of the Institute are evident in the aim of full adoption of all international recognised standards. Today, the Croatian Veterinary Institute has 133 accredited methods according to the HRN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2007 standard, proving the our testing methods are standardised, up-to-date, traceable and internationally recognised.

Through extensive refurbishing of our laboratories and procurement of new analytical equipment, the Croatian Veterinary Institute has established modern laboratory diagnostics and analysis, proven by the accreditation received. The Croatian Veterinary Institute has standardised and harmonized its diagnostic and analytical methods with those recognised in the European Union and is the leading scientific research and expert, diagnostic and analysis institution in the field of veterinary medicine and in the performance of veterinary activities in the Republic of Croatia.